Aloha Maui!

To celebrate Christmas and give honor to my papa who passed away last March, my family and I took a trip to Maui, Hawaii. We have been coming to this island for years for family vacations and it is one of my all time favorite places I have ever been too! I am a beach girl at heart so when my parents were thinking about going here, I was all in! This trip was different from the others because we did not have my papa with us, however this time, my boyfriend, Matthew and my brother’s girlfriend, Samantha were able to join us! So the six of us all headed to the island of Maui for a week filled with adventure. We honestly had a blast on this trip. It was very relaxing yet packed with new experiences. We really focused on doing things we hadn’t done before like flying around in a helicopter and getting tattoos, but also exploring more of the island like Wailea, Kapalua Bay and Honolulu Bay!



We stayed in Kaanapali Beach, at the Aston Kaanapali Beach Resort. This is the resort we have been staying at for years because it is beach front, close to downtown Lahaina, Whalers Village, as well as Black Rock, which has been known as one of the best spots for snorkeling. Black Rock in the past has been beautiful with vibrant coral and loads of fish, yet with the thousands of tourists that swim in the waters the reef has slowly begun to die (don’t wear sunscreen, its bad for the reefs & fish)! This led us to discover our new favorite snorkeling spot in Kapalua Bay – a short 10 minute ride from the resort. The Aston is a beautiful resort that is family friendly and has two pools, a restaurant on the grounds, as well as a gym and spa! I would recommend it if you are staying on that side of the island!


Baya Bowls Food Truck – Lahaina, Maui ♡


Strange enough this was the only place locally that had acai bowls! One of my favorite things to EVER eat are acai bowls, like omg. I swear I could eat those for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Anyways, when Matthew and I were searching for acai bowl places, this was the only place that came up and it was so good, we ate there three times! It was a little pricey ($10 per bowl, 50¢ per topping) but we both love supporting local businesses plus it was so good and fresh we didn’t mind! I had a regular size bowl with Chia Seeds & Kiwi as my extra toppings! I’m like drooling just thinking about it right now.


DJI Mavic Pro Drone


Baby Beach – Lahaina, Maui ♡


Matthew and I got a drone this holiday season so we played with it quite a bit! It is an amazing piece of technology and takes gorgeous, pinterest worthy photos and videos. We did vlog the entire trip and that will be up soon on my Youtube Channel(MAUI VLOG!)! These two photos were taken with the drone at Baby Beach in Lahaina. This is a more private beach, that not a lot of tourists go to and it’s lined with gorgeous, luxury beach front home. We had professional photos done that were taken on this beach which is how we actually found out about it!


This photo was also taken with the drone as well but this was on the opposite side of the island in Wailea. This was the best sunset we had the entire time and I am so happy we caught it on camera! We were on this side of the island because we wanted to eat lunch at Monkey Pod, which I would highly recommend, their chicken tacos and mai tai’s are fab.



Next, one of the coolest experiences I really have ever done is fly around Maui in a helicopter. We used Air Maui Helicopter company and all six of us were able to fit in this helicopter! It was absolutely amazing. We toured all the way from Kahului to Hana! We even got to land on a cliff and look out into the water. I would really recommend doing this if you ever get the chance, it’s something I will never forget!


Skin Deep Tattoo Shop – Lahaina, Maui. I got both of my tattoos done at this shop and I highly recommend it! Ask for Tony, he is the best!


Like I said before, I lost my papa this past March. This one is for him.



Until next time, Mahalo Maui.

xoxo, N.


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