The Little Red Jacket

Welcome back y’all! I hope you guys are having an amazing week thus far! I decided to upload another outfit post this week because I secretly could not wait to share this outfit with you guys!! Let me start off by saying I LOVE THIS OUTFIT. I thought that this was such a cute and fashionable outfit but still so comfy which is always by goal when it comes to fashion. If I can look cute but also still be very comfortable, I am all about it.  Plus, this is also an outfit for those who actually do experience a real winter! I was shooting these photos when it was 40 degrees outside and this kept me warm. Of course, if you are in colder weather, you can always layer up more but let’s get into this!

So once again, my mom gave me a pair of shoes that she had never worn. These are actually from Ann Taylor and she found them at an Ann Taylor outlet store. My mom and I are all about getting good deals, I mean who isn’t?! So we tend to shop at the San Marcos Outlets in San Marcos, Texas quite a bit. Outlets are a great place to find some quality items for super cheap, I love them. Speaking of outlets, I have a Forever 21 Red near me. I wasn’t sure what that was so I had to look it up, but basically it is kind of like a Forever 21 outlet! I had no idea something like it even existed and this is actually where I found the jacket. I literally just got this trench coat this past weekend and it was only $24!!! I was so surprised and instantly fell in love with it. They also had one in a hunter green color but Matthew thought I should get the red since all I wear is hunter green. This jacket is longer, it covers the tush and hits right at my upper thigh. It also pinches in at the waist so if you have curves like me you can show them off a little bit more instead of being drowned by an oversized jacket.

Then we have some staples that are important in anyone’s closet! I am wearing a very plain pair of blue jeans and a black cowl neck sweater. The sweater is thick so this adds warmth to the outfit. To top it off, I added my plaid scarf to compliment the red jacket and my favorite black studded cross body purse. I think the jacket really makes this outfit and is my favorite thing about it. I hope ya’ll like it as well and end up gaining some inspiration for your own personal looks. I hope that you enjoyed and thank you so much for reading! Love you all!!

Jacket: Forever 21 Red Utility Jacket | Scarf: Burberry Cashmere Scarf | Top: Not identical because I got mine at Marshall’s but literally any black sweater will do! Forever 21 Black Knit Sweater | Purse: Rebecca Minkoff Black Studded Cross Body Purse | Pants: Paige Denim Skinny Jeans | Shoes: Ann Taylor Sam Side Booties







 xoxo, N


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